Thursday, October 6, 2016

JBoss Fuse 6.3 is out!

JBoss Fuse 6.3 just went GA, get it while it's hot :-) With this release we didn't do anything too crazy and had a big focus on stability of the platform and bug fixes. In fact there are thousands of bug fixes over Fuse 6.2. We do still provide a few notable project upgrades however:

  • Apache Camel 2.17
  • Apache CXF 3.1
  • Jetty 9

As well as API updates:
  • JMS 2.0
    • You may think this is a crazy big upgrade for a minor version but it's not so bad :-) We only updated Fuse to use the latest JMS spec JAR, which is version 2.0. In the broker we stick to using the JMS v1 compatible APIs so nothing breaks. We needed to do this so Fuse could connect to JMS v2 only brokers like WebSphere MQ 8. Support for JMS v2 features will likely be in Fuse 7.
  • Servlet 3.1

So those are some bigger things to consider when upgrading your projects to Fuse 6.3. A full migration guide is available as well. A lot of the brand spanking new stuff in this release comes in via Camel. For instance, you may find some of the new Camel components useful:
  • camel-paho - For MQTT messaging using Eclipse Paho client
  • camel-pdf - For creating PDF documents
  • camel-slack - allows you to connect to an instance of Slack and delivers a message contained in the message body via a pre established Slack incoming webhook.
  • camel-jolt - for JSON to JSON transformation
  • camel-aws-ec2 - Component providing support to Amazon Web Services EC2
  • camel-undertow - To use Undertow as HTTP server or client.
  • camel-git - A generic Git component
  • camel-sjms - SJMS Batch is a specialized component for highly performant, transactional batch consumption from a JMS queue
  • camel-http-common - A common base component for reuse among all the various HTTP components we have.
  • camel-swagger-java - A pure Java based Swagger component.
  • camel-elsql - An extended SQL Component that uses ElSql for defining SQL queries
  • camel-jbpm - Sends messages through kie-remote-client API to jBPM.
  • camel-aws - AWS kinesis streams component added
  • camel-aws - DynamoDB streams component added
  • camel-braintree - for interacting with Braintree Payments.
  • camel-test-cdi - ease testing of Camel CDI applications
  • camel-etcd - Integrating Camel with Etcd key value store
  • camel-kubernetes - Integrates Camel with Kubernetes
  • camel-jcache - support JCache / JSR107 caching.
  • camel-nats - for interacting with Nats messaging platform
  • camel-servicenow - for interacting with ServiceNow
  • camel-spark - bridges Apache Spark computations with Camel endpoints
  • camel-sql - Now supports calling stored procedures using the new sql-stored component.

Another change this time is the Maven repo. Previously you may have used or to download Fuse artifacts. With this release, we have migrated to

You will notice too that the Fuse Eclipse tooling has undergone a visual makeover. Look at this new flow style for Camel routes:

Pretty sweet :-) Lars goes over other changes in more detail here.

Oh and you can download everything from here:

The site updates are still in progress (prolly another few hours to go) so make sure to click the 6.3.0 link and not the big red download button which still points to 6.2.0 :-)

Happy integrating!

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