Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Camel in Action v2 Update

Manning just published a new MEAP of Camel in Action this week so I figured I'd give a little update on our loooong journey with the 2nd edition :-)

The latest MEAP contains one new chapter, in addition to some fixes in other chapters. The basic outline for the "Developing Camel projects" chapter is:
  • Creating Camel projects with Maven
  • Creating Camel projects in the Eclipse IDE
  • Debugging with Camel
  • Creating custom components 
  • Creating custom interceptors
  • Creating custom data formats
  • Using the API component framework
A lot of this still applied from the first edition with the exception of debugging, custom data format creation, and using the super cool API component framework.

Claus is busy working on a more interesting chapter titled simply "Microservices". Yes, we are devoting a whole chapter to this buzzword :-) Really, it was unavoidable as Camel has been growing to have 1st class support for great frameworks like Spring Boot and Wildfly Swarm. Also microservices is just a little bit popular right now ;-)

So what's next? Well, we only have a handful of chapters left to write and hope to have it all handed in by the end of the year. So you can expect a print copy early next year after Manning polishes our work. 


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