Friday, January 19, 2018

Camel in Action, Second Edition is Complete!

Camel in Action Website
We did it again +Claus Ibsen :-) Camel in Action, 2nd edition is printing as I type this blog and will be in book stores in a few weeks. Time to celebrate!

Our theme this time around is more - more of everything to help you get started with Apache Camel and more for seasoned integration vets too. Well, this has kinda been the approach in Apache Camel since the last book as well. Let's look at some stats from the Camel versions used in each book edition:

Camel 2.5.0 Camel 2.20.1
>80 components >280 components
482,779 LOC 1307016 LOC
23 named contributors 497 named contributors

So yeah, Camel is a lot bigger this time round and so our book had to be too :-) It's amazing how much the project has grown TBH. The component count has more than tripled, LOC near that as well and the number of contributors has just blown up. Now, granted back in the early days of Camel we used SVN which didn't allow named contributors to be counted until they were actual Apache Camel committers themselves (GitHub PRs to the rescue!!). Still, I estimate the actual number of contributors has doubled at the very least.

It's not just components that have been added to Camel either. This time we needed to cover more topics like: microservices, RESTful web services, containers (think docker/kubernetes), clustering, reactive apps, security, and even IoT. Like last time we had a guest author contribute a chapter about a new emerging technology. Big thanks to Henryk Konsek for contributing the chapter on IoT. Neither myself or Claus has any experience in IoT so we probably wouldn't have covered it if we didn't get an expert on board :-)

A huge thanks to Claus for being such a pleasure to work with (albeit being a bit hard to keep up with ;-) ). Looking forward to next time round!

And finally, let me leave you with one of my favourite lines from our book:
"To the Apache Camel community - may this book be a helpful companion on your journeys with Camel"