Thursday, April 1, 2010

Understanding Camel components

We've updated Camel in Action today with 3 new chapters. That brings the total to 11 out of 13 chapters, which means we are getting close :)

One of the chapters is all about Camel components. The list of components in Camel has really exploded over the last few years. Camel ships with 76 components right now and there are dozens more available separately from other community sites. I mean, when presented with most integration scenarios we can easily say

"There's a Camel component for that."

So out of these components, which ones did we choose to cover? To make the content fit into one chapter we covered 11 components in 7 sections:

SectionComponents covered
Working with filesfile, ftp
Asynchronous Messaging using the JMS componentjms
Web Services and the CXF Componentcxf
Networking with the MINA componentmina
Working with databasesjdbc, jpa
In-memory asynchronous messagingseda, vm
Automating taskstimer, quartz

Why these components? Well, we felt that these were the most widely used and thus essential knowledge for any Camel user. Of course, other components are covered elsewhere in the book but not in as much detail as these.

Feel free to check out chapter 7 Understanding components in the latest book update or browse the chapters examples.