Thursday, November 28, 2019

Apache Camel 3 is out!!

Apache Camel 3.0.0 is out today! Why is this a big deal? Well, it's the first major Camel version released in TEN years. Yes, really :-) Camel 2 was released on August 25, 2009!

Apache Camel 2.x remains a rock solid integration framework used all around the world and will certainly live on for many years to come. But, for some changes (and to stick with semantic versioning) we really needed a major version bump. You can imagine over 10 years a project can accumulate a lot of "would be nice to do IF we could break API..." type issues :-) But don't be scared, the team managed to keep the migration as painless as possible.

So what did change? Claus has a nice diagram of the major changes but there was definitely a focus on making camel-core smaller by breaking it up into modules (it was getting massive and size is becoming increasingly important in a cloud native world) and switching to a more performant reactive routing engine. All told, since last year when we branched for Camel 3 development, over 1000 issues were resolved. It was a busy year for all involved!

Next up are the releases of the other projects in the Camel ecosystem: Camel-K (run Camel routes directly on Kubernetes) and Camel-Quarkus (Camel components as Quarkus extensions). Stay tuned.

Thanks and congratulations to all involved in the release! Cheers!

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