Friday, August 27, 2010

Apache Camel Webinars at FuseSource

As Claus just posted, we are doing two webinars next month on Apache Camel at FuseSource.

  • September 8th - Claus will give an introduction to Apache Camel including: core concepts, EIPs, components, and the community.
  • September 16th - I will go over deployment options for Camel including: embedded Java, Spring, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix (OSGi) and web app. This will include a live demonstration of deploying a Camel application in ServiceMix.
These webinars are interactive so you can ask questions to us directly. Register here and drop in, it will be an interesting show!


Arun Kumar said...

Hi Jon,

From where I can download code for you used in this session.


Arun Kumar

Igor Milovanović said...

I have wathced 2nd webinar, but missed first. Is there recorded webinar for the first - introductionary part?

Jonathan Anstey said...

Igor, the recording of the 1st webinar is listed at (see Introduction to Apache Camel)

Arun, the source code for these examples will be made available with the recorded webinar sometime next week. You should get an email from FUSE when this happens. Of course you can check out the webinar link mentioned above too to see it when its available.