Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Camel in Action Chapters

Today we posted 2 new chapters for the Camel in Action MEAP. Claus will most likely fill you in about the chapter on bean integration soon. Let me give you a little info about chapter 2 now though. Chapter 2 is basically all about routing - a pretty fundamental topic for Camel! I cover route creation in Java and Spring, as well as several EIPs. Since it is such an early chapter its pretty hand-holding throughout - you don't need to know Spring or EIPs beforehand, for instance.

I also introduce a new running example to the book: Rider Auto Parts. You may remember them from the DZone article Integration Nirvana I wrote earlier this year.

We actually started using a Google Code project for hosting the books source code so you can see the code for chapter 2 here:

In the coming months the source from other chapters will also be added. As always, we love feedback in the book's forum.


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