Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nexus config for Apache Camel

Some folks have been having issues getting all the Maven repositories set up properly in Nexus for Apache Camel. Here's my working Nexus config and settings.xml - hope it helps!

Nexus config
(admittedly polluted with repos from other projects...)


I found my Nexus config in /opt/sonatype-work/nexus/conf. I'm not sure what happens when you copy in a new Nexus config file so you should probably make a copy of the sonatype-work directory first :)


Brian Fox said...

Hi Jon,
Shutdown Nexus, copy in the file and restart and all should be good. Also note that you can retrieve the xml directly from the UI in the log and config download page, but you can't upload one (yet).

You've got a lot of repositories in there, you can make Nexus even faster by configuring routing rules to tell if where (or where not) to look for certain artifacts..but the system will cache the status for you so it's not required.


Jonathan Anstey said...

Thanks for the tips. Good to know that folks can actually reuse the config I posted!

I went for simplicity in my Nexus config so I haven't played with the routing rules yet. Maybe I'll try that out soon though.